The safety of women, of childhood, of the home, is

“We are working around the clock to make sure that our members are safe,” said Mark Dengler, chief operating office of the YMCA Metropolitan Los Angeles. “We will be taking temperatures. We will be doing classes in our gymnasiums. For example, Cancer Research UK reports the mixed bag of cancer patients’ experiences: frustrated at treatments being suspended or revised, but also understanding that this is often for medical reasons (where the treatments weaken immune systems) as much as reductions in service. Research needs to inform us not only about new forms of service delivery, but what people feel about such trade offs. Large surveys in Europe and the US have shown extensive concern about disrupted services.

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Many individuals who are opposed to the death penalty have used the statement “The federal government is prohibited from imposing cruel and unusual punishment” stated in the eighth amendment in the constitution to argue why barbaric treatment should not be administered when debating their point of view against the death penalty. Since the constitution is stating this, then why is the federal government still doing it since it violates human rights? A few suggestions: Power, Heartlessness, and Money. For every life ended on death row the government saves money for no longer providing for the prisoners well being..

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